Attendance &
Time Sheets

Sign visitors and staff in, download staff time sheets, perform emergency roll calls, report hours against cost centres.

Introducing the Attendance System

Record visitor and staff arrivals, download time sheets.

Find out who is at your place of work, when they arrived, and their attendance history.

Download time sheets showing payable hours, people's activities and cost codes.

How It Works


Find out who is at your place of work right now

Access graphs and reports for people, companies and locations.

View Dashboard

Staff Time Sheets

Download Time Sheets for Staff

Assign activities to staff either manually, or let the system do it for you.

Download weekly time sheets for payroll and cost centre accounting.

How Time Sheets Work

Weekly Summaries

Receive Weekly Emails

Receive a summary at the end of each week about your visitor and staff patterns, trends and statistics.


See how many people signed in during the week.

Staff & Visitors

See who was on site the most, and the companies that visited you.


Find out what the busiest activities were for the week.


Evacuation & Roll Call

From your phone, access the list of people at your building.

Tick them off during a roll call.

Reveal anyone that is not accounted for.

How Roll Calls Work