About Us

The Attendace System is made by Leighs Computing Ltd, a New Zealand company that specialises in highly-scalable cloud based software for mobile and desktop platforms.

Who We Are

Leighs Computing was founded by Phil Leighs over 12 years ago.

Phil has been a software developer for over two decades. He is passionate about producing systems that give clients an edge in competitive markets.


Leighs Computing has its history in software for the private equity, construction and retail sectors.

It has established a track record of delivering systems that have become integral parts of many different businesses.

Our Focus

We believe scalable cloud-based infrastructure is the way, and we design our systems to make the most of this model.

This allows us to produce modern systems that are robust, secure and perform well when demand is high.

The Attendance System is an example of this model, with cloud-based servers connecting iPads and iPhones for signing in and out, web browsers for real time graphing and monitoring, and a web app for phones to do roll calls.

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