The dashboard makes use of the data collected by iPads and iPhones.

With the dashboard:

  • see graphs and statistics about who is signed in,
  • download time sheets,
  • view attendance history for people, companies and sites,
  • manage users and security privileges.

Editing and setting up is also done in the dashboard:

  • add staff details,
  • add offices and sites where iPads will be located,
  • specify a colour scheme and logo for use in the app,
  • create announcements to appear when signing in,
  • set up activities, rules and budgets for time sheets and progress reporting.

Welcome to the Dashboard

The following images are extracted from the dashboard.

Signed in right now

The dashboard shows a summary of people that are signed in. These images show how people are spread across different offices, their company classifications and a list of recent activity.

Attendance over time

Graphs are available showing hours per day, week, month and year. Columns can be split several ways to show different perspectives.

The dashboard is fully customisable. You can reposition graphs, add additional ones, choose options such as time periods and data filters.

Attendance for a person

Reporting is available for individuals, companies and offices.

These two images show the cumulative hours per month for a person, and a list of their attendance history over a period of days.

Time sheets

Time sheets are managed in the dashboard. Find out how time sheets work.

Access the Dashboard

Access your Dashboard by logging in with your Attendance account.

If you don't have an account yet, then sign up now for free. It's easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

As the account holder, you can add other users to the dashboard and assign specific security rights. For example, the manager at a regional office could be given access with rights to edit time sheets for that site only.

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