Health & Safety Compliance

Emergency Response

During emergencies, conduct a roll call to identify and account for all employees and visitors. This information is invaluable in emergency response efforts to identify anyone that is unaccounted for.

Roll Calls

Conduct a roll call at an evacuation assembly point.

Two options for checking off names:

  1. Check individuals off alphabetically.
  2. Company-by-company head count with drill down.

When finishing the roll call:

  • Tap to see anyone unaccounted for.
  • Tap to call or message to check whereabouts.

Roll Call Options

For complete flexibility, three roll call options are available.

With Loss of Internet

Use an Attendance iPad or iPhone for an offline roll call in case of network loss due to an earthquake or other reason.

With QR Code

When exiting the building, use your phone to scan the roll call QR code on an Attendance iPad.

With a PIN

When exiting the building, use the PIN from the Attendance App in the roll call website.

Incident Investigations

Retrieve the list of attendees from the Dashboard when investigating an incident.

Incident Investigations

Knowing who was present when an incident happened is crucial during an investigation.

  1. Gather witness testimonies.
  2. Establish a timeline.
  3. Determine liablity.
  4. Improve safety measures.
  5. Prevent recurrence with targeted training to relevant people.

Legal and Insurance Compliance

Establish accountability and liability to meet legal and insurance requirements.

Accountability and Evidence

Knowing who was present during an incident is also crucial for legal and insurance compliance.

  • Find out who might be responsible or involved in the incident.
  • Provide accurate attendance information to regulatory authorities when reporting serious incidents.
  • Provide accurate attendance information for insurance purposes in case of any claims or liabilities.

Safe and Regulated Work Environment

Enhance workplace well-being through adherence to health and safety protocols.

Health and Safety Protocols

Monitoring work hours from the Dashboard supports workplace well-being.

  • Ensure employees are not overworked.
  • Prevent employee fatigue, stress and burnout.
  • Ensure employees are taking adequate rest breaks.
  • Verify that employee start times align with expectations.

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