How It Works

By placing an iPad with the Attendance App on your reception counter, staff and visitors can sign in as they arrive at your business.

Times and locations are sent to the cloud, from where information is available as graphs and time sheets in your browser.

Staff and Visitors Sign In and Out

The first step to using the system is to place an iPad with the Attendance App on your reception counter or other entry point.

You can use as many iPads and iPhones at as many locations as needed.

Ask staff and visitors to sign in and out as they come and go at your place of work.

When people arrive, they tap a few buttons on an iPad, select their names from a list, and sign in.

Find out more about Signing In & Out.

Data Is Sent to The Cloud

The iPad app sends times, locations and people's names to the cloud, where you can then access it in several ways.

The Attendance Dashboard has graphs and analysis showing who is on site.

The dashboard also produces weekly time sheets for payroll and job cost accounting.

There is a phone-enabled website to see who is on site and respond to emergencies.

Data sent to the cloud is only used by the Attendance System to provide you with the service. The Privacy Policy governs how we use and care for your data.

Dashboards and Time Sheets In Your Browser


The Attendance Dashboard is accessed from your browser. It lets you see who is on site, check attendance history, manage user access to the Dashboard, set up sites and staff, configure options in the iPad Attendance App and download reports.

Find out more about the Attendance Dashboard.

Time sheets, activities and rules

Time sheets are filled in automatically for staff based on the dates and times they signed in and out.

Users with sufficient rights can edit and override time sheets.

The time that people have spent on site can be allocated to job cost codes for accounting purposes. This can be done manually, automatically or a combination of both.

Rules can be configured to link staff with job cost codes.

For example, a staff member could have a rule stating that after 4 hours signed in, a 30 minute meal break is automatically deducted, and second rule linking their remaining time on site to an activity.

Activities can be concrete pouring, nursing, vehicle repairs, or any other task relevant to your business.

For more information about time sheets, activities and rules see Staff Time Sheets.

Access From Your Phone

The phone-enabled website lets you see who is signed in, access their contact details and time on site.

Emergency response

You can also do a roll call for an emergency response. The roll call lets you read out names, and tick them off when present to ensure everyone has evacuated safely.

Find out more about Roll Calls.

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