Invoice Reconciliation

Verify Billing Accuracy for Temporary Workers and Contractors

Reduce the risk over overbilling or underbilling by cross-referencing invoices from temps, contractors and subcontractors with their actual work hours.

The Dashboard provides a range of reports for this purpose, including detailed timesheets and spreadsheets tailored for individuals, employment agencies, and subcontractor companies.

The Process

Temporary employees and contractors log their entry and exit times for precise time tracking. Meal breaks are deducted if needed. The Dashboard generates reports for invoice comparison.

Accurate Time Tracking

Record exact entry and exit times for temps and contractors.

Meal Breaks

Deduct time for meal breaks with personalised timesheet rules.

Cross-Reference Invoices

Use reports from the Dashboard to check for accurate billing.

Cross-Reference an Invoice

Quickly verify billed hours against actual hours for an individual or a company.

Check for Accurate Billing

  1. Access the Dashboard.
  2. Search for the person or company.
  3. Either view their attendance history on screen, or download an attendance spreadsheet.
  4. Compare hours attended against hours billed.

The Attendance Report shows detailed information about people's work hours. Compare these hours against invoices from temps and contractors to spot any inconsistencies.

Solutions for Remote Workers

The Attendance Web App caters to remote employees working from home, accessible through web browsers on their phones.

This allows them to sign in and out, whether at home or locations without a dedicated sign-in station.

Their invoices can be checked against logged hours from the Dashboard.

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