Product Overview

Attendance and Time Sheets creates digital timesheets for employees to help companies streamline their payroll processes. It also welcomes visitors in unattended reception environments and sends arrival notifications.

Employees sign in and out on iPads located at entry points to their offices, building sites, schools and other facilities. Entry and exit times are uploaded for use by the Dashboard and downloaded in a variety of formats for use in payroll systems.

Visitors sign in and choose the person they have come to see. The chosen host receives an alert notifying them of their visitor's arrival.

How It Works

Employees and visitors sign in on dedicated iOS devices at one or more locations.

Payroll, HR and other selected staff members access the dashboard on their web browsers to monitor attendance and download timesheets and reports.

Site #1

Staff and visitors sign in with the App at your main location.

Site #2

And elsewhere. Construction site, regional office, warehouse, etc.

Site #3

Production facility, training room, or sales department, etc.

In/out times are sent to the Dashboard


Manage sites and devices, monitor attendance and trends, amend in/out times.

Info is available for your team

Your management team

Notified when visitors arrive, receive time sheets, emailed weekly attendance summaries.

Key Features

Attendance and Time Sheets is the complete time and attendance system for companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries.

Attendance and Time Sheets

  • Replaces paper timesheets with accurate digital records.
  • Welcomes visitors and sends alerts on arrival.
  • Captures and conveys information during sign in.
  • Monitors attendance over multiple locations from your browser.
  • Provides a suite of detailed reports, full audit trail and comprehensive security matrix.


Our comprehensive time and attendance solution has three core components working together harmoniously.

1. Attendance App

Operates on iOS devices and records entry and exit times for employees and visitors.

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2. Web App

Runs in the browser on employees' phones for use at locations that don't have dedicated iOS devices.

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3. Dashboard

Brings together entry and exit times to produce timesheets and reports.

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