Payroll Efficiency

The Solution

Streamlined payroll process made easy with digital sign-in, providing accurate timesheets and customised meal break deductions.


Say goodbye to manual timesheets, ensuring accurate time tracking without estimation.

Meal Breaks

Customise meal break deductions to suit individual preferences and needs.


Easily download timesheets and adjust for sick leave as needed.

Import into Payroll

Enter or upload timesheets into your payroll software.

Employee Sign-In

Signing in and out is quick and easy.

The Attendance and Timesheets App

  1. Tap "Sign In" on an Attendance iPad located at an entry point.
  2. Choose your name, smile for the camera and confirm the sign in/out.
  3. Go touch-free for an even quicker sign-in. Get a QR code on your phone and hold it up to the iPad.

Paperless Timesheets

The Dashboard generates accurate timesheets with entry/exit times from the app.

The Dashboard

  • Make adjustments to entry/exit times as needed, for instance, if someone forgets to sign in.
  • Create entries for individuals on leave to ensure accurate records.
  • HR personnel have the ability to approve timesheets and add comments for any anomalies.
  • Payroll personnel can download timesheets for easy uploading to payroll software.

Meal Break Deductions

Timesheet Rules are an efficient way to account for unpaid meal breaks.

Timesheet Rules

  • Tailor rules according to your needs, enabling automatic deductions like a 30-minute lunch break after 4 hours of sign-in.
  • Create multiple rules for added flexibility, such as an automatic 30-minute lunch deduction after 4 hours, and a 1-hour deduction after 8 hours of signed-in time.
  • Apply rules selectively to specific employees or on designated days of the week for greater customisation and control.
  • Use rules that automatically apply time-and-a-half for hours worked on statutory holidays for compliant compensation.

Import into Payroll

Benefit from support for multiple payroll systems and a versatile template to effortlessly load payable hours into your payroll software.

Payroll Import Files

  1. Enable your payroll system in the Dashboard.
  2. In the Dashboard, configure the Staff ID field to synchronise with the employee ID from your payroll software.
  3. Download timesheets from the Dashboard formatted for your payroll system.
  4. Upload the file into your payroll software.

Bonus: Weekly Email

An automatic email is sent at the end of each pay period, containing attachments such as timesheets, payroll files, entry/exit time reports, and a convenient summary of the period.

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