Plans and Pricing

Community Edition

Basic features suitable for community groups and small companies.

US$0.00Per site per month

  • Capture entry/exit times.
  • Sign in with QR codes.
  • Convey information at sign-in.
  • Take photos at sign-in.
  • Print visitor labels at sign-in.
  • Personalise the colour scheme.
  • See who is on site and monitor attendance history from the Dashboard.
  • Perform a roll call in response to an emergency.

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Business Edition

Enhanced features supporting payroll and visitor management.

US$29.90Per site per month *

All Community benefits plus
  • Manage and download timesheets for importing into payroll systems.
  • Set up automatic meal break deductions.
  • Gain absentee and punctuality insights.
  • Track labour costs against budgets.
  • Receive visitor arrival alerts.
  • Receive weekly emails with attendance analysis and attachments.
  • Access the Attendance API for integration with other systems.

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Corporate Edition

Customisation for companies with unique requirements.

Contact UsCost depends on specific needs

All Business benefits plus
  • Benefit from a VIP priority service and support agreement.
  • Receive recurring consultation and training services for your team and payroll specialists.
  • Experience guaranteed performance with dedicated servers.
  • Define tailored workflows, interfaces, behaviors, logic, and integrations for us to create.
  • Extend the Dashboard with customised reports and analysis.
  • Control access with turnstiles and Site Gateway.

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* Companies with a large number of small sites may be eligible for discounted pricing.

Not-for-profit and charitable organisations may be eligible for discounted pricing.

Invoicing is monthly or quarterly at your preference. GST is added for customers based in New Zealand.

No payment information is required at sign up. You can cancel your account at any time.