The Attendance System has two pricing plans:

  • Community Edition, and
  • Business Edition.

Community Edition

Business Edition

PriceFreeUS$ 29.90 per site per month *
Free from advertisingYesYes
Who is eligible?EveryoneEveryone

iPad / iPhone app

Sign staff and visitors in & outYesYes
Multiple iPads and iPhones per siteYesYes
Multiple sites per accountYesYes
Roll callsYesYes
Use your own logoYes


Real-time attendance monitoringYesYes
Review attendance historyYesYes
Manage & download time sheetsYesYes
Add rules to automatically assign activitiesYes
Monitor progress against labour budgetsYes


Manage own users and security rightsYesYes
Receive weekly reports by emailYes
Access the APIYes
Help with our cloud infrastructure costsYes
Help us develop new featuresYes
Help us keep the system free from advertisingYes

* GST is added for customers based in New Zealand.

Which Edition?

You are welcome to choose either edition.

By default, all accounts are set up with the Community Edition when getting started.

Why choose the Business Edition?

All companies are eligible for the free Community Edition, however if your company is using the Attendance system on a daily basis and is able to pay the monthly price, then please consider the Business Edition.

By opting for the Business Edition, you are helping us to:

  • cover server infrastructure costs,
  • develop new features, and
  • keep the system free from advertising.

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