Roll Calls

In the event of an emergency your staff and visitors will evacuate the building and assemble at a meeting point.

The Attendance System has a website for mobile phones that lets a Fire Warden or other person perform a roll call.

How To Do A Roll Call

The mobile website lists everyone that is currently signed in.

Call out each person, and if present tap their name to place a tick next to them.

Each tick updates an indicator to show the percentage of people that have been accounted for.

At the end of the roll call, tap a button to reveal any people that are not present.

After a roll call, tap "Show absentees" to see details of people that are not present.

How To Access The Website

The app is a web page that runs in your phone's web browser.

As you exit the building, tap the emergency button on the Attendance iPad.

This reveals two ways to access the website on your phone:

  • Scan a QR code, or
  • Enter a brief website address and then enter a PIN.
The emergency button in the Attendance iPad app shows a QR code or PIN to get the list of people on your phone.

Bookmark The Website

The QR code and PIN expire after a few hours, so can only be used on the day.

Dashboard operators can bookmark the website and log in. Logging in lets an operator perform a roll call for any site without requiring the QR code or PIN.

Internet Outage

If the emergency interrupts Wi-Fi or the cell network, then a roll call can still be performed.

Unlock the iPad from its enclosure, and take it with you as you exit the building.

A roll call can be done in the iPad Attendance app without Internet connectivity.

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