Signing In & Out

iPads and iPhones

With the Attendance System, staff and visitors sign in on iPads or iPhones.

iPads can be located on your reception counter, staff entry point, inwards goods area, loading bay or any other entry point.

You can use as many devices at as many locations as needed.

Attendance app

The Attendance App shows who is on site, and can include a welcome message, announcements, emergency procedures or other content that you provide.

Your company's logo and colour scheme can be used to make the app suit your brand guidelines.

Download Attendance and Time Sheets from the App Store


When a staff member arrives at work, they tap Sign In. The second screen asks whether they are a staff member or visitor. A list of staff names is presented. Tapping their name shows a camera preview and a confirmation button.

The second screen can be turned off if the app is only used for either staff or visitors.

The person's name, date, time, location and photo are uploaded to the cloud, and available from the Dashboard.

The list of staff members is managed from the dashboard.


Photos can be taken when people sign in and out, and be used to verify people's identity for time sheets.

Staff and visitors know when their photo is being taken, as a preview appears on the screen.

The preview supports several filters to beautify photos, such as automatic air brush for smooth skin tones, sepia and black and white. The filters help camera-shy people look and feel great.

Multiple locations and internal departments

If your organisation has multiple offices or sites, then the app is linked to a particular location. When people sign in, they will not need to state where they are.

If you have multiple business divisions in a single building, then the app can be linked to them all. When people sign in they will be asked to choose where they will spend their time.


When visitors sign in, they are presented with a list of companies to choose from.

Tapping a company presents a list of employee names.

When a visitor signs in for the first time, they type in their name and company. This is added to the list so that next time they can sign in faster.

From there the visitor confirms the sign in, optionally with a photo being taken.

Signing Out

When people leave they pass by an iPad and tap Sign Out. People can sign out on a different iPad if more than one is used at a site.

The app presents a list of people that are on site, tapping their name signs out.

A photo can be taken when signing out.

Forgetting to sign out

From time to time, staff and visitors may forget to sign out when they leave.

The Dashboard has an option to sign people out on their behalf. People can also be signed in from the Dashboard. The Dashboard is accessed through a browser on your laptop and requires a user account with sufficient privileges to sign other people in and out.

Securing iPads

iPads with the Attendance App can be secured to your reception counter or wall, or any other entry point at your premises.

Physical security

There are a range of techniques to secure the iPad ranging from $10 to $400.

In environments where iPads are overseen by staff members, it may be appropriate to leave an iPad on a counter so that people can pick it up and sign in.

Removable adhesive strips, such as 3M Command Strips for picture hanging, can be used to hold an iPad against a wall.

A secure enclosure can be used in unattended environments. Enclosures can be free standing, desk mounted, or wall mounted. They can have key locks, audio alarms and Kensington locks.

For a counter-top location, an enclosure with an adjustable angle will ensure that the iPad camera can be directed at the people's faces. Whereas a fixed angle may cause the camera to only capture a part of people's heads.

iPad enclosures are available from a number of vendors.

Home button security

The Home button is located at the bottom of an iPad. By default, tapping the Home button exits an app. This is undesirable for the Attendance App, and can be disabled using Guided Access.

Guided Access comes as a standard feature in iOS. Tapping the Home button has no effect when enabled, however triple-tapping prompts for a PIN. Entering the PIN will exit the Attendance App.

To enable Guided Access, open Settings, tap General, Accessibility, then Guided Access. Turn on the option, supply a PIN and enable the accessibility shortcut. Guided Access can be disabled in the same place.

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