Visitor Management

Warm Visitor Welcome

Create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for visitors while they wait to be greeted.

Upgrade from worn-out visitor log books to a branded, professional sign-in station.

The Solution

Set up a sign-in station at your reception for visitor arrivals and departures, and monitor attendance from the Dashboard.

Brand Integration

Customise the sign-in station with your company logo, colours, and visuals.

Versatile Data Capture

Provide relevant information and inquire about the purpose of the visit.

Arrival Alerts

Receive alerts when visitors arrive at your premises.

No Log Books

Replace worn and messy visitor log books.

Visitor Sign-In

Signing in and out is quick and easy.

The Attendance and Timesheets App

  1. Tap "Sign In" on an Attendance iPad located at reception.
  2. Select or enter your company, organisation, class, team, or similar group.
  3. Enter your name and any other information such as phone number or reason for visit.
  4. Choose who you have come to see.
  5. Read any relevant information such as emergency procedures.
  6. Confirm the sign in.

Unattended Reception

Eliminate the need for a dedicated receptionist. Visitors sign in independently, and hosts receive arrival notifications.

Arrival Alerts

  • Use the Dashboard to create the list of available hosts for selection by visitors.
  • When a visitor signs in, an email with their identity, phone number, location and arrival time is sent to the selected host.

Cozy Reception with Refreshments

Use an Announcement to ensure visitors feel welcome and comfortable until they are greeted.


Announcements consist of messages and images displayed during visitor sign-in.

Tailor messages to your organisation's needs, like this example.

After signing in, feel free to relax and enjoy a complimentary coffee from our espresso machine. We'll be with you shortly.

Announcements can also inform visitors about evacuation procedures, safety hazards, site induction requirements, and more.

Brand Integration

Use your corporate logo, colour scheme and imagery in the Attendance app.

Embed Your Brand Identity

Make the Attendance app seamlessly integrate with your brand identity.

  • Choose an accent colour to set the overall theme.
  • Upload your corporate logo for use in the app.
  • Select appropriate terminology for companies, organisations, teams, groups, classes, members.
  • Display imagery accompanied with a welcome message as the app awaits the next person to sign in.

Versatile Data Capture

Collect relevant visitor details unique to your organisation.

Extra Questions

Use the Dashboard to create questions for visitors that are relevant to you. Responses can be pick lists, text boxes or dates. Examples are:

  • The reason for visiting such as appointment, meeting, training, etc.
  • Vehicle license plate number in case parked cars need to be moved for any reason.
  • Health declaration to ensure visitors are not sick or contageous.
  • Induction information to ensure visitors are aware of any safety hazards.

Visitor Identification Labels

Using a compatible printer, labels can be automatically printed for visitors during the sign-in process.

Adhesive Label Printing

The Attendance app works with AirPrint™ label printers to produce adhesive labels that visitors can easily peel and wear on their clothing.

  • Print in real-time at the end of the sign-in process.
  • Include a greeting of your choosing, like "Hi, I'm", followed by the visitor's name.
  • Include any combination of the greeting, visitor's name, company, sign-in date, time and location.
  • Customise the layout, content, size and font.
  • Print on precut labels or to a roll that gets cut by the printer.

Bonus: Reporting and Analytics

The Dashboard offers detailed analysis and reports for individuals, companies, and sites.

Capture visitor arrivals and departures with the Attendance app, and manage current and past attendance using the Dashboard.

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