Streamlined Sign-In for Employees and Visitors

Efficient Payroll and Warm Visitor Welcome

Eliminate the need for error-prone and manipulable manual tracking methods, like paper-based timesheets.

Monitor visitor identification, entry/exit times, and communicate essential information for workplace safety and awareness.

Time and Attendance Solution

Attendance and Timesheets is an all-in-one solution, capturing entry/exit times, conveying information, sending notifications, generating timesheets, and providing insights on punctuality and absenteeism.

Sign In

Employees and visitors sign in on an iPad located in reception or other entry point.


Get visitor arrival notifications for prompt welcomes, no dedicated receptionist required.

Timesheets for Payroll

Automate meal break adjustments and load timesheets into payroll systems.


Track attendance, manage iPad settings, annotate timesheets, download reports.

Solutions for Employees and Visitors

Paperless timesheets, no need for a dedicated receptionist.

Track Payable Hours for Employees

  • Eliminate paper-based timesheets.
  • Meal break deductions tailored to individual settings.
  • Prevent overpayment by eradicating buddy punching.
  • Seamless timesheet imports, supporting multiple payroll systems.
  • Track job time for client on-billing and job costing.
  • Comprehensive audit trail for transparent staff payable hours.
Payroll Efficiency

Welcome Visitors to Your Company

  • Display your logo and branding during the sign-in process.
  • Communicate important information to visitors, including health and safety hazards.
  • Gather name and contact information and notify the host.
  • Configure customisable prompts, like vehicle registration or purpose of visit.
  • Print personalised labels with visitor names and companies during sign-in.
Visitor Management

Attendance App

The Attendance App operates on iPads, securely mounted on stands or walls at entry points.

Signing In and Out

  1. Tap "Sign In".
  2. Choose or enter your organisation, company, classroom, team, etc.
  3. Select or enter your name and optionally provide contact details.
  4. Respond to any questions, like the reason for the visit or the person you are visiting.
  5. Read any messages, like emergency exit routes or site hazards.
  6. Confirm your sign, optionally with a photo taken.
Additional Info

Attendance Dashboard

Access the browser-based Attendance Dashboard to track attendance, create reports, gain insights, manage iPads, and more.

Manage Attendance and Timesheets

  • Check current attendance at multiple sites.
  • Track history for companies and individuals.
  • Review timesheets, add comments and make amendments if necessary.
  • Investigate start time and absentee patterns over time.
  • Configure iPad settings, such as photo preferences, announcements, and personalised questions.
  • Manage access and security permissions for the Dashboard and App.
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