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How can I make paper-based timesheets more efficient?

Paper-based time sheets can be prone to error or hour-creep. By signing in and out with an iPad, the system knows accurately how long people are at your place of work.

Paper systems can also be inefficient, with data needing to be retyped and duplicated into another system. The Attendance system makes the most of the data it captures with graphs, analysis, trends and history shown on the Dashboard.

The Attendance system produces a single digital timesheet for each office each week. This is far simpler and a major time-saver across your business if you have lots of staff completing individual time sheets.

Furthermore, there are logistics involved in getting paper time sheets to the right people at the right time. For example, your payroll team may be operating from a different location, and have to collect time sheets from various sources.

The Attendance system consolidates all information in one place: the Dashboard.

Payroll Efficiency

I only want to track visitors to my company. Is this system suitable?


Mount an iPad securely at your reception desk for visitors to easily sign in and out.

Customise the Attendance App to display a warm welcome message and engaging imagery while keeping the list of attendees hidden.

Configure visitor arrival alerts in the Dashboard to ensure that the appropriate person is promptly informed when a visitor arrives.

The Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview, including real-time attendance, past records, attendance trends, and valuable statistics.

Visitor Management

I need to replace my visitor log book with a more professional system. Can you help?

Yes, absolutely!

The Attendance system helps create a great first impression for your visitors.

Display your corporate branding and a welcoming message that invites visitors to complete the sign-in process.

During sign in, convey important messages to your visitors and allow them to select the person they are here to meet.

Visitor Management

Our company is spread over multiple locations or cities. Does the system offer a consolidated view?


With the Dashboard, operators set up a site for each office or place of work.

The Dashboard shows attendance statistics and graphs at a consolidated level, while still being able to delve deeper into graphs and time sheets at a site level.


We are a medium to large construction company, or main contractor. What can you offer us?

We recommend mounting iPads in locked enclosures in your site sheds, and require everyone to sign in.

Have site managers do roll calls on their phones for health & safety compliance and in an emergency.

Link workers' activities on site to job cost codes.

Produce weekly timesheets for payroll.

Report job cost codes against budgets to see progress over time, and the percentage of budget usage.

NB: These benefits are available to all customers, and particularly suit environments where places of work have start and end dates with budgeted hours over that period.

Job Costing

We are a small to medium construction company, or subcontractor. What can you offer us?

When arriving at site, have site managers sign their team in on their behalf with the Attendance Web App.

Link workers to job cost codes to monitor progress against budgets.

Download weekly timesheets for payroll.

NB: These benefits are available to all customers, and particularly suit environments where places of work have start and end dates with budgeted hours over that period.

Web App


How do timesheets work?

Entry and exit times are recorded by the Attendance App for use by the Dashboard.

The Dashboard calculates the number of 5, 10 or 15 minute intervals between signing in and signing out to work out the total hours per day.

Operators can assign activities such as Marketing, Training, etc. by dragging sliding bars.

Rules can be set up to automatically deduct time for meal breaks, limit the number of payable hours per day, and assign people to activities specific to your business.

For example, a rule can automatically assign an unpaid 30-minute lunch break when a person has been signed in for 4 hours.

Weekly timesheets are downloaded from the Dashboard as spreadsheets and various other formats suitable for accounting and payroll systems.

What are activities?

Activities represent the tasks performed by your employees, encompassing both paid activities like 'Marketing' and unpaid ones like 'Lunch breaks'.

Assigning activities to daily hours is an optional yet useful feature to account for unpaid meal breaks, and keep track of costs associated with specific jobs.

Activities can be assigned through multiple methods - either by selecting from a menu within the Dashboard, by employees themselves during sign-out, or automatically through timesheet rules.

Multiple reports are available, offering insights into activity usage trends, job costs, budget adherence, and progress forecasts.

What if someone forgets to sign in?

If an individual signs in late or forgets to sign in altogether, they have the option to inform an operator. The operator can make the necessary adjustments to either the entry time or the total hours worked for the day directly within the Dashboard.

The Dashboard and timesheet downloads indicate any modifications made to entry and exit times or daily work hours.

What if someone forgets to sign out?

If an individual leaves without signing out, then an automatic correction is made the next time the person signs in.

At the following sign-in, the Attendance App detects that a person is still signed in, and retrospectively signs the person out. This appears as an 'Auto sign-out' and is logged at a set number of hours after the initial sign-in. By default, this occurs 8 hours after the initial sign-in, but this timeframe can be changed in the Dashboard.

For example, if a person signs in at 9:00am on Monday, leaves without signing out, and signs in the following day, then an auto sign-out will be added for Monday 5:00pm.

A record of people that didn't sign out is included in the weekly summary email.

How are annual leave and sick leave handled?

This is done by assigning one of four activities to a person: 'Annual Leave', 'Unpaid Annual Leave', 'Sick Leave' or 'Unpaid Sick Leave'.

For example, if an employee phones in sick, access the Dashboard, edit the timesheet, add the employee to the timesheet, and assign 8 hours to 'Sick Leave'.

Additional types of leave can be set up in the Dashboard.

What to do if an employee reports a pay issue?

The Dashboard allows for in-depth analysis of an individual's attendance history and payable hours.

Reports are available to review entry and exit times, daily work hours, and meal break deductions.

You can also examine the photos taken during sign-ins and sign-outs.

Visual charts depicting start and end times can quickly unveil any irregularities.

All changes made within the Dashboard to entry and exit times are tracked, time-stamped and clearly marked.

Attendance App

How does the app stop employees clocking in for someone else?

Preventing time fraud is crucial, and the Attendance App offers a solution.

It can capture employee photos when they sign in and out. These images are accessible both in the app and on the Dashboard, ensuring the accuracy of attendance records.

Employees are aware when their photos are taken, as they can see themselves during the process.

Some people might not like their photo being taken. What can be done about that?

Photos are stored for a configurable period, typically ranging from 2 weeks to 2 years, and are automatically deleted when no longer needed, such as after a pay period.

The Attendance App offers various live photo filters for fun and easily identifiable photos. Filters include options like automatic airbrushing for a smoother look, sepia and black & white effects, and artistic effects.

If you prefer not to use photos, you can disable this feature in the Dashboard.

Can several iPads be used at a single site or office?


You don't need to use the same device for both sign-in and sign-out.

People can sign in using an iPad at a reception counter, and sign out on another iPad located at an exit door.

For high-traffic locations, you can use multiple iPads side-by-side to prevent long queues.

How can I prevent an iPad from being tampered with?

iPads can be mounted securely in lockable enclosures on a counter top or wall.

Enclosures and kiosks come in a variety of designs, including robust steel frames with key locks for added protection.

How does the app prevent people from tapping the Home button and opening other apps?

The Attendance App is compatible with Guided Access mode, which is a feature in iOS. You can activate it through your device's Settings. This mode prevents users from exiting the app by requiring a PIN to be entered.

For added security, it's recommended to disable Bluetooth to prevent iPads from connecting to other devices.

Which iPad or iPhone model is recommended?

The Attendance App is compatible with iPads and iPhones running iOS 11.0 or later.

If you plan to use an iPad in an area without a Wi-Fi network, you'll need an iPad that supports a SIM card.

While iPads with a 10-inch display give the best overall experience, you can also use iPads with smaller or larger screens.

  • iPad 9.7"
  • iPad 10.2"
  • iPad 10.9"
  • iPad Pro 11"
  • iPad Pro 12.9"

This list is not exhaustive, as the app is also compatible with iPads of various other screen sizes.

Where can I download the Attendance App?

The Attendance and Time Sheets app can be downloaded on the App Store to your iPad or iPhone.

Download Attendance and Time Sheets on the App Store

Is the app available on Android?

The main Attendance App is not currently available on Android, but the Web App is.

The Web App lets you sign in and out, see who is signed in, do a roll call and sign people in and out on their behalf.

Web App

Data Privacy and Security

What is your policy around the collection of employee and attendance information?

Data privacy is of utmost importance to us, and we only collect data for the legitimate purpose of delivering the Attendance service.

We hold the privacy and security of your data in the highest regard within our systems.

Rest assured, we will never share your data with third parties, except for operational necessities to host the service in the cloud or when legally required to do so.

Privacy Policy

Are you GDPR compliant?


We've taken extensive steps to ensure compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Attendance system requires consent during the account registration process and from visitors during their initial sign-in. The Dashboard offers support for Service Access Requests (SAR) to provide individuals with copies of their personal information. You can remove an individual and their attendance history if they request to exercise their 'right-to-be-forgotten'. We do not allow children under 16 to sign in without parental consent.

Privacy Policy

What measures are in place to secure the system?

  • All traffic is encrypted with HTTPS.
  • All user credentials are stored with strong encryption.
  • Our servers are carefully configured with firewalls and other protection methods.
  • All attempted logins are recorded, and after several failed password attempts accounts are temporarily locked.
  • Passwords for accessing the dashboard have minimum requirements (8 characters, mix of digits and upper/lower case letters).

Billing and Payments (Community Edition)

Is the app free from advertising?


The app does not show any advertisements.

Can companies use the Community Edition?


Companies are welcome to use the Community Edition.

If you find that you need the extra advantages provided by the Business Edition, you can easily upgrade your account within the Dashboard.

To unlock the features available in the Business Edition:

  1. Access the Dashboard
  2. Click the account icon
  3. Click 'Change plan'
  4. Opt for the Business Edition Free Trial to unlock additional features such as absentee monitoring, timesheet rules, etc.

Why do you offer a free version?

By offering a free version, the Attendance App is seen and used by a wider audience. As adoption grows, so too does the number of customers opting for the Business and Enterprise Editions.

If I want to support you, how can I?

We are especially appreciative of support from our customers. It helps us develop new features and cover the costs of our server infrastructure.

If you'd like to contribute please consider upgrading to the Business Edition. For other ways to help, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you.

  1. Access the Dashboard
  2. Click the account icon
  3. Click 'Change plan'
  4. Opt for the Business Edition Free Trial to unlock additional features such as absentee monitoring, timesheet rules, etc.
Also, please share the love and tell your friends about the app!

Billing and Payments (Business Edition)

Why opt for the Business Edition?

The Business Edition includes our fully featured Dashboard.

It has meal break deductions, timesheet rules, payroll support, absentee monitoring and more.

Plans and Pricing

How to upgrade from the Community Edition?

To upgrade to the additional features in the Business Edition Dashboard:

  1. Access the Dashboard
  2. Click the account icon
  3. Click 'Change plan'
  4. Opt for the Business Edition Free Trial to unlock additional features such as absentee monitoring, timesheet rules, etc.

Do you offer a trial period for the Business Edition?


All customers wanting to try the Business Edition are eligible for a 30 day free trial.

The free trial is applied automatically, with no coupon code needed.

What happens after the trial period?

At the end of the free trial, we will email you asking if you'd like to continue with the Business Edition.

We hope you will find the additional features in the Business Edition very valuable, and will choose to continue. Otherwise your account will revert to the Community Edition, with no fees owing.

What methods of payment are available?

If you choose to continue beyond the trial period, we will email an invoice to you each month.

Payments can be direct credited to our New Zealand bank account via Telegraphic Transfer (TT), or paid with PayPal.

What currencies can I use?

We can invoice you in your local currency in most cases, with payments received in US Dollars (USD) or New Zealand Dollars (NZD).

What about sales tax?

GST is added to invoices for companies operating in New Zealand.


I signed up but didn't receive the welcome email

When you create an account, we send you an important email. If you can't find it in your inbox, please check your spam, clutter, and junk email folders. If you still haven't received it, it might be due to domain blocking rules on your mail server. To resolve this, kindly ask your IT support team to whitelist emails from

I can't reset my password

To reset your password, go to the login page and click 'Lost your password'. If you didn't receive the email, it might be due to domain blocking rules set by your IT support team. Check your spam and clutter folders first. If the password reset email is still missing, please contact your IT support team and ask them to whitelist emails from and

My weekly summary email did not arrive

Go to the Dashboard, click on the settings icon, and choose the 'Weekly Emails' tab. Check the status of your weekly email subscription. If you've unsubscribed, resubscribe. If there's no subscription, click 'Add weekly email' to create a new one.

If your subscription settings are correct but you're not receiving emails, please check your spam and clutter folders. Additionally, contact your IT support provider to see if there are any mail blocking rules on your mail server. If needed, they can whitelist emails from and

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